The Broken Dream    Fascinated by culture, and the incredible rise of oriental and Arabian aesthetics, I try to familiarize myself with both sides of my upbringing. The Persian rug has its own prominence from visual to felt; the Persian rug is found in all sorts of homes, whether poor or rich, we all have that unmindful appreciation towards it. Experimenting with mixing the pop culture with traditional aesthetics felt like a broken dream, to somehow connect what I loved as a child to what I love now as an adult. 
  untitled3445.jpg     summer of white    When we were approached by Nike x Vice, they wanted us to portray visuals of a campaign called “Summer Of White” associated with the #mywhitesneaker hashtag. Selecting from a variety of sneakers, we chose the Airmax97 model and decided to elaborate on its aesthetics.   Two Art Directors,  Ali Cha’aban  and  Rayan Nawawi  wanted to express the nostalgia of that model and the aesthetics or feel surrounding it, so we came with the phrase “Satellite culture,”  a phrase we tend to think about when we visualize an age before the internet. Most of our information was consumed from what was seen on TV. When it came to creating the visuals for the Airmax97, these were the notions that were taken into consideration. These are the aspects we tried to envision, a revisit to the past with a humble conscience. Symbolizing the humble “thobe” a garment we wear that makes us all equal, whether rich or poor, we all wear it. Our concern with the traditional attire is a a form of esteem, we wear it with pride because it has so much history which is our connection to the past.  The statement here was, a nostalgic interpretation of a white and cleaner past.   The approach to the Nike campaign was the idea of less is more, minimalist proposition that tends to highlight the white hues. That approach allowed us to visualize the 90s era without the complications of the internet and the technological age, a simpler times that appreciated simpler things. Trying to transcend from the average editorial shoots by focusing on history and culture rather than aesthetically pleasing visuals.  
   DDFC Vogue Fashion Prize finalists’ photoshoot    Vogue Arabia and Dubai Design & Fashion Council's  Fashion Prize  program, an annual endowment for the Arab world’s most promising emerging talents.  The annual competition celebrates the region’s finest emerging designers across ready-to-wear, accessories, and fine jewelry. Since the initiative launched, hundreds of designers from twenty countries across the Arab world have applied.  //   Art Director  Ali Cha'aban     Photographer  Rayan Nawawi
   RUGLIFE    Culture has always been the genesis and demise of people. In the Arab world, culture has transcended beyond language, religion, nationality and ethnicity; we view aesthetics as a prominent part of our culture. Focusing on textiles and patterns that we have adapted, we are often blinded by our own traditions; with predisposed ideas about vice and virtue we tend to reflect poorly on ourselves because we may not fit inside a certain public sphere for our lack of traditional devotion.
 experimenting shooting friends with uncomfortable light.  /   Art Director  Ali Cha'aban   Photographer  Nada Hakeem / Rayan Nawawi
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   spinneys returns to hamra     Client:  Spinneys   Agency:  Rizk Group   Art Director  Ali Cha'aban    /   Copywriter  Isabelle Tanios  /     Creative Director  Badr Aboulhosn  //  the campaign focuses on the Spinneys supermarket returning back to its very first location which was in Hamra, before the civil war. The team visualized the era of vintage movie posters to announce the return of something nostalgic to its original place. The campaign ran like it was promoting a return of a hero / protagonist with a sequel film.
   this too shall pass,   the power of the Arabic language.    “i always talk about struggle. i talk about the power an individual has to overcome multiple obstacles.”    featured on  Vogue Arabia  as part of the slogan tee and politics article.